Israel’s Tools of Occupation Are Tested on Palestine and Exported Globally

“This will only grow and worsen,” says author Antony Loewenstein.

“The danger now is not just in Palestine for Palestinians. It’s gone well beyond that now. It’s exported, the idea that you can export occupation, you can export the tools of occupation, the tools of apartheid. That is where we currently are in the early 2020s,” says The Palestine Laboratory author Antony Loewenstein. In this week’s episode of Movement Memos, I talk with Antony about how Israel has used Palestine as a laboratory for surveillance and war-making technologies. Antony argues that Israel is aligning itself with far-right leaders, promoting an ethno-nationalist and authoritarian worldview, and making despotism “shareable with compact technology.” In this episode, I also speak with Ahmad Abuznaid, the executive director of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, about the current situation in Gaza.

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On a personal note, I know these are grievous, heartbreaking times, and I am sending love to you all. May we all find the strength to inhabit our grief with love and courage, and demand an end to genocide and apartheid.