“Palestine Is About Living in Spite of Everything”

“Hope is what the history of Palestine has taught me,” says Palestinian feminist Rana Barakat.

“Palestine Is About Living in Spite of Everything”

For our last Movement Memos episode of the year, I spoke with Palestinian feminist Rana Barakat, who lives and teaches in the West Bank, about Palestinian history, Indigenous resistance, belonging, family, and why she views solidarity as a form of love.

If you need a transcript, you can find that along with audio and show notes here.

This was an incredibly moving episode to work on and I think it’s the perfect way to wrap up the year. As I have mentioned, I will be on a break for the next few weeks. But given that I can rarely keep my thoughts to myself, I might post a thing or two here. We’ll see.

Either way, I am wishing you and yours love, warmth and safety this holiday season. May we all get closer to free in the new year.

Much love,